Vendor Consolidation

When organisations fragment their business volumes across too many suppliers, it can often result in unnecessary pricing, logistical and admin cost complexities. We partner with 450+ suppliers enabling our customers to enjoy the benefits of vendor and supply chain consolidation.

Working with us to implement a supplier consolidation programme means our customers keep using the products they love, but benefit from…

Cost Savings & Increased Buying Power
As much as 60% of supply costs lie in the time it takes to find the correct vendor, identify the right product, generate a purchase order, place an order, distribute the order, pay for it and manage any related issues.

Our customers find they reduce their overall supply costs by placing higher volume orders, with better pricing, lower shipping and handling costs, make better use of their staff time and enjoy an overall increase in their purchasing power.

Time Savings & Better Vendor Relationships
Relying on multiple vendors can be challenging (and nearly impossible) to build relationships. Our customers find they have stronger supplier relationships working with us and staff spend less time procuring supplies.

Improved Accounting & Reporting
Some organisations have a difficult time understanding where their money is going, especially when using multiple vendors to source all their supplies or they’re overlooking costs like accounts payable processing. In addition, they have to pull together usage reports from multiple vendors, which can be extremely time-consuming.

Our customers find working with one main supplier means they only have one invoice to track down, pay and process each month, as well as fewer usage reports to analyse and action.

Single Customer Support Team
Our customers find by having a key supplier for most of their orders, if something goes wrong, a workable resolution is quickly found based on a strong vendor relationship.

Our vendor consolidation expertise helps our customers save time and money, so they can focus on making healthcare happen too.