Supplier Partnerships

Our supplier collaboration programmes are additional initiatives we work on with a small number of selected suppliers, where strategic alignment enables both organisations to better meet new and existing customer needs and drive sustainable business development opportunities.


These programmes include…

1. Collaboration to Win New Business

Some suppliers lack resources or expertise to compete for large contracts alone. We form successful partnerships to win those larger bids.

2. Promoting Innovation

Some businesses need all their resource to operate at their current sustainable level, with nothing left for growth or innovation. Our supplier collaboration programme can provide much needed additional support – through education, marketing research, mentoring and access to networks and end-users. This allows the supplier freedom to pursue new products and solutions.

3. Improving the Customer Experience

Nurturing close relationships with our suppliers benefits our customers, and ultimately their patients. We’re able to communicate with greater ease, troubleshoot issues more efficiently and provide a better product/service to our customers. Greater alignment and transparency in our supply chain positively impacts brand perception for us and our supplier.

4. Supplier Marketing Programmes

Partnering with suppliers to share information and developments in our marketing can increase customer loyalty for both organisations.

The marketing partnership programmes include…

  • New Product Launch Support
  • BHC Team Training sessions to educate sales & customer services on key products
  • Targeted marketing campaigns;
    • Online marketing including email marketing, social media and website/ecommerce promotions.
    • Offline marketing including direct marketing and events.

Contact us if you would like to become a new supplier or learn more about our supplier collaboration programmes.