Ordering & E-Trading

To order, simply contact us online or call Customer Services on 01530 830 830 and our expert team will guide you through all our ordering options so you can choose the best solution to meet your needs.


We offer a variety of custom-made e-trading solutions including

  • EDI
  • GHX WebConnect Online Ordering (PEPPOL Compliant)
  • Ecommerce
  • JIT Plus
  • Customer-Specific Portal


EDI Order Management

The need to exchange important financial information (such as a purchase orders or invoices) within the healthcare marketplace is critical to the effectiveness of the product supply chain.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) ordering systems allow the exchange of business data from one organisation’s computer application to the computer application of a trading partner/customer. The system improves the accuracy of transmitting these files by eliminating the re-keying of data, and increases data quality by agreeing product codes, prices and location codes in advance.

EDI systems also help cement customer/supplier partnerships by reducing the supply chain costs associated with manual processing of orders and invoices. There are no barriers to the use of electronic data interchange systems.

Our technical team at Bunzl Healthcare will help integrate a bespoke system to provide the customers with the following benefits;

  • Remove the need for document re-keying
  • Eliminate paper documents
  • Reduce product lead times and stock holding
  • Save time and money
  • Barcoding systems
  • Better customer service


GHX WebConnect Online Ordering (PEPPOL Compliant)

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) has created WebConnect, a tool that enables healthcare providers to create online purchase orders and submit them electronically. Using Internet access and a simple registration, buyers can order products online from multiple suppliers.

Using WebConnect, buyers search for and locate products from the GHX AllSource™ Content Repository. The data in AllSource is verified and continuously updated by suppliers, providing buyers with the most accurate product data in the industry. Buyers can search for products by part number, supplier name and/or keyword. Once selected, products are held in an online cart and then transferred into a purchase order. The purchase order can be electronically submitted and approved in one step by pre-approved buyers, speeding the approval process.

GHX Web Connect User Guide – Standard Users >

GHX Web Connect User Guide – Trading Account Administrator >


GHX (Global Healthcare Exchange)

GHX Supply Chain Services helps healthcare buyers and suppliers save time and money through technology that synchronises and automates business processes, ensuring accurate contract pricing, and enables more business to take place electronically.

GHX offers a range of products and services for healthcare facilities, which allow our customers to;

  • Transact with their key trading partners through a single connection point
  • Synchronise their product data with that of their chosen suppliers
  • Enable greater functionality from existing systems (MMIS or ERP)
  • Automate and streamline requisitioning and order management processes
  • From purchase order to invoice, GHX offers a complete package of tools for improving supply chain efficiency.


GS1 Barcoding

We work closely with the national leading suppliers in the barcode technology industry.

The use of bar coding, GS1 identification systems and materials management technology helps suppliers to maintain stock levels and re-order stock using hand-held scanners. The direct links between the data capture system and Bunzl Healthcare’s ordering system reduces supply chain time and costs, and minimises ordering errors.

These systems also;

  • Release a significant amount of nursing time back into the ward
  • Simplify ordering – the data is inputted direct to Bunzl Healthcare via the hand-held device
  • Ordering your products could not be easier

For those customers that prefer the traditional routes of ordering our tele sales teams are waiting to take your order and offer advice when needed.

From receipt of a customer order to the delivery of service during patient or client care, we are dedicated to supporting the supplier and clinical professional in their goal of providing excellent patient care.


JIT Plus Ordering

JIT Plus ordering process allows customers to manage and maintain their inventory effectively.

JIT stands for ‘just in time’, it’s an ordering service that allows customers to order products that are needed quickly, either to top-up existing stock of a product or to meet a one-off demand for a product. Products ordered through the JIT Plus service are delivered the very next day to a specified location or department.

The orders are fully trackable in terms of who placed the order, the financial cost centre and the location that the goods will be delivered to.


Our “Just in Time” Proposal

The JIT Plus system works using a handheld device to scan barcodes that specify a product code and the location of that product within your premises. The device will then bring up the information relating to that product and give you the option of adding that product to your order. Both contract and non-contract products can be ordered using this system, with catalogue data being refreshed everyday.

Unlike other handheld ordering devices, the JIT Plus device does not require a docking station or other software in order to submit the order. Instead the JIT Plus device uses a subscriber identification module (SIM) to transmit the order from your device over to our systems, where the orders are processed the same day. Products are picked and packed, and despatched for delivery the next day.

You can place as many JIT Plus orders as you like without worrying about a stack of invoices to process for each order – the service includes consolidated invoices, sent to you weekly or monthly as preferred.

Products can be ordered by using the product browser or product categories, and all recent orders will be recorded on the device for future reference. You can also set up a ‘Favourites’ shopping list and use this for repeat orders.

What are the advantages of the JIT Plus service?

  • Ordering process takes minutes
  • Complete stock management and rationalisation
  • Product delivered direct to the department within 24 hours
  • Case quantities or single items
  • Order can be placed from anywhere that has a phone signal
  • Releases storage space
  • Product stays in date
  • Consolidated invoices
  • Expenditure by week or month, as preferred
  • Reduction in administration costs
  • Ecommerce & Order Management Gateways

The JIT Plus handheld device is provided free of charge when a JIT Plus account is opened. Existing customers should contact their Account Manager for further details.If you are a new customer, please contact Customer Services.

JIT Plus Case Study >

JIT Plus Device User Guide >



We have established key partnerships with market-leading ordering systems gateways to offer a variety of ordering options for all our customers.

Aspen provides complete business information solutions across numerous industry sectors.

They have developed the handheld device used in the JIT Plus service to provide customers with an intuitive order capture system. The device gives access to current stock listings and detailed, up to date product information.

This allows customers to become more efficient in their stock management, increase productivity, and enables products to be ordered and delivered to a specified location within 24 hours.