About us


We know that our customers, suppliers and the societies in which our business operates around the world all want to find ways to protect our environment and to make better use of natural resources.

As a leading distributor and not a manufacturer, Bunzl is not tied to any types of materials or products and we are therefore uniquely positioned to have a positive impact across the entire supply chain by having an objective overview of the best sustainability solutions for each customer.

That’s why sustainability is core to how Bunzl does business and how we’ll grow in the future. It’s not because being green is fashionable – it’s because it makes the utmost business sense. From sourcing products in an ethical and responsible way, to consolidating them in an environmentally efficient operating model, our approach helps us to minimise risk while maximising value.

Our goal is for Bunzl to be seen as a socially and environmentally responsible organisation that inspires and implements solutions that protect the environment, while being commercially successful for our employees and stakeholders.