About us

Bunzl plc

Bunzl is a focused and successful specialist international distribution and services Group with operations across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and UK & Ireland.


Bunzl supports businesses all over the world with a variety of products that are essential for our customers in the successful operation of their businesses.

Bunzl provides a one-stop-shop, on-time and in-full specialist distribution service, employing over 17,000 people, supplying a broad range of internationally and responsibly sourced non-food products to a variety of market sectors.

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6 Key Markets Served


10% of Group revenue Healthcare consumables, including gloves, masks, swabs, gowns, bandages and other healthcare related equipment and cleaning and hygiene products to hospitals, care homes and other facilities serving the healthcare sector.


26% of Group revenue Goods-not-for-resale, including food packaging, films, labels, cleaning and hygiene supplies and personal protection equipment to grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Food Service

25% of Group revenue Non-food consumables, including food packaging, disposable tableware, guest amenities, catering equipment, cleaning and hygiene products and safety items, to hotels, restaurants, contract caterers, food processors and the leisure sector.


14% of Group revenue Personal protection and safety equipment, including gloves, boots, hard hats, ear and eye protection and other workwear, as well as cleaning and hygiene supplies, to industrial and construction markets.

Cleaning & Hygiene

13% of Group revenue Cleaning and hygiene materials, including chemicals and hygiene paper, to cleaning and facilities management companies and industrial and public sector customers.


10% of Group revenue Goods-not-for-resale, including packaging and other store supplies and a full range of cleaning and hygiene products, to retail chains, boutiques, department stores, home improvement chains, office supply companies and related e-commerce sales channels.